We are industry leaders in Quality Assurance and Manufacturing...

Here at Baked HQ - We have nothing to hide. We actually value the ability to be so transparent with our customers and show them a peek behind the curtain into how their favorite vapes are made.

Follow Along on Your Vape's Journey!

Our On-Site Mixing Room

We blend all our custom, proprietary formulations right here in our HQ. This helps guarantee a reliable, consistent and clean oil every single time.

State of the Art Filling Stations

All our disposables and cartridges are filled by hand with custom built filling machines. Our team is extensively trained in order to provide full, accurate measurements.

The Packaging Assembly Line

Once the vapes are filled it's time to do final hands-on procedures. A quality assurance check, bag sealing and packaging each product.

Top-Notch Dry Storage

Manufacturing and distributing the world's greatest vapes takes up a lot of space! Baked HQ has over 10,000 sqft. of storage space for this massive operation.

Rapid Order Fulfillment

Getting orders packed and shipped out quickly is a top priority for our team. We value your time and understand the anticipation of receiving a brand new device...

Local + National Distribution

We ship products to distributors and retail stores all across the USA! Don't see us on your favorite shelves? Ask them to stock your favorite Baked products!