Baked HHC 3rd Party Lab Tests

All Baked HHC products undergo 3rd party lab testing from the most reputable lab in the country, KCA Labs, based out of Kentucky. If you have any questions about how to read or understand these lab tests please reach out to us!


1 Gram Vape

Batch 1048: Blueberry Cookie

Batch 1049: Blue Milk
Batch 1050: Cherry Kush
Batch 1051: Lemon Slushie
Batch 1052: Papaya Kush
Batch 1053: Rainbow Sherbet
Batch 1054: Raspberry Lemonade
Batch 1055: Strawberry Cheesecake
Batch 1056: Super Sour Diesel
Batch 1057: Tropicana Cookies
Batch 1058: Watermelon Zkittles
Batch 1059: Wedding Cake